Bij Vernay Europe B.V. hebben we op de afdeling HR altijd plek voor een stagiair of afstudeerder.

Daarnaast hebbende een aantal interessante onderzoeksgebieden.

  • Material Technology
    • Predictive material viscosity per process characterization
  • Bonding
    • Integrated plasme cleaning and deposition of bonding cement
    • 2K-auto bondable material plastic combinations
    • Bonding layer thichness measurement
    • Shelf life extension treated insert
  • Part design
    • Predictive geometric stability plastics per pressure and temperature load of processing
  • Tooldesign
    • 3D printing capability of complex tool designs
    • Surface modification to avoid material tack/contamination

Verder hebben we mogelijkheden op de gebieden van;

  • Process technology
    • SMART process tracking (big data)
    • High speed process automation
    • Micro/precision dosing capability
  • Assembly technology
    • Predictive functional testing procedure by interpolation opening pressure (ScionSpray project)
  • Vision technology
    • Intelligent process control by part quality vision
  • Surface chemistry
    • Surface treatment rubber materials per application requirements, intelligent surfaces
  • Measurment technology
    • High precision high speed 3D optical measurement techniques
    • Predicted life cycle testing per dynamic application circumstances